Review by Dick

It was a great pleasure to meet you last Monday and I really enjoyed the Nordic Walking training session. The venue at Kingston Bagpuize Millenium Green was ideal.

I very much liked your relaxed but extremely informative instructing style. I was a little concerned that I would find one-to-one instruction a bit challenging, but you immediately put me at ease and off we went!
I learned a huge amount, all backed up by very solid and convincing advice. In particular you clearly described what to do, while also explaining why. I felt very positive at the end of the session, about the benefits of Nordic Walking.
The new Exel Curve poles are great and the straps are an excellent fit. Delivery within 48 hours of ordering was very impressive.
I will certainly recommend your training services to our friends.

Best wishes, Dick

Review by Graham

I have been Nordic Walking , under Lisa’s supervision, on a Thursday morning in Steventon for a year with Oxfordshire Fitness

Lisa is a magic instructor who gets the best out of all who meet her. Today for example we had hill climbing technique , with the poles and correct use, you soon zoom up the hill.

We start just before 10am meeting in the village hall car park, with a warm up on the sports field, when new members, who have joined us from tasters, are introduced and learn to enjoy how their bodies respond to fairly gentle movements using their poles for support.

We then go for a Nordic walk and talk along lanes, up gentle hills, fields and down through woods.

Faster walkers can go at their own pace, but find they will return to the main group by retracing their steps if too far ahead.This means that if they wish they can walk for much longer, but still be part of the group.
The slowest walkers are never ever left behind and really set the pace .

After fifty odd minutes of fun and exercise follows a Lisa led enjoyable stretch down— those that wish can have a coffee and further chat about all sorts of things in the local Munchies coffee shop .

By using most of the different parts of your body you will find balance, concentration and mood are all improved, if my experiences are a guide.

Review by Suki

Earlier this year, after three years of horrid illness, I approached Lisa to learn about Nordic walking. Since then she has become a vital part of my recovery. She has (surreptitiously) added more and more exercises to the mix, both to strengthen my wasted muscles, and to exercise my heart. She pushes me hard when I have the stamina, but she encourages me whatever I achieve.
She has become so much more than I signed up for, and she’s simply smashing. Frankly, I can’t believe my luck!


Review by Anne

I have been Nordic walking with Oxfordshire Fitness now for two years, I can honestly say it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. My fitness level has increased one hundred per cent.
Nordic Walking is a all round body workout but not in a horrible way. What better way to improve your health than walking in our lovely Oxfordshire countryside, meeting new friends and having lots of laughs.

Lisa Young our Nordic Waking leader is one of the kindest ladies I have met, everyone in her classes is special, no one is left out. No matter what your fitness level is Lisa makes time for us all.

If you are reading this, why not give it a go, you will be part of a very HAPPY group of people who all want one thing and that is to improve our health. I am so pleased that I did give it a go.


Review by Pam

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou for the walking poles and the instruction. I am having a wonderful holiday aided by my Nordic poles and have I needed them. Long walks and awkward climbs have been made a lot easier or even possible. I did drop out of today’s because it was over 400 metres up the side of a steep mountain to Buffavente Castle here in N Cyprus but I did get halfway. Hope to see you next week. 

My very best wishes 

Pam ( from Steventon)

Review by Sallie

My Nordic Walking Tale

Lisa and I first met when we were both working at the same school (I was her boss at the time!) From the off it was clear that Lisa was a little human dynamo, apparently with enough energy not only to support her pupils all day but also to run her various keep fit classes during the evenings. We hit it off from the very beginning – which wasn’t hard to do.

 When Lisa added Nordic Walking to her repertoire we were all very interested of course. However, it was when she wanted to work towards a further qualification that I became involved. She required a ‘guinea pig’ to create an individual programme for and I seriously needed to address my issues with osteoarthritis in my knees (caused by 35 years ‘on my pins’ teaching plus various other daft activities such as careering downhill on a set of skis and lots of high impact dancing!) Not content with medics talking about wear and tear, the ageing process, steroid injections and joint replacements, what I really wanted to do was help myself somehow!

 So, in May 2014 we embarked on a mutually beneficial scheme – Lisa would teach me the techniques of Nordic Walking and devise a programme specifically for my needs (or my knees even) and I would provide feedback for her study. This worked brilliantly and the staff and pupils alike soon got used to seeing us striding out across the school fields at certain times of the day!

 Right from the start I was able to learn a really good basic technique (hope Lisa agrees!) which has stood me in good stead ever since. Warm up and cool down routines also became a vital part of each session. The whole idea was to strengthen all the muscles around my knees and to enhance flexibility of movement through a graduated and appropriate exercise regime. We took it gently to begin with and I slowly came to believe that this was something I could actually do. Not being able to ride a bike any more, and experiencing awful pain when using the stairs is enough to knock anyone’s confidence!

 Almost two years down the line I’m still Nordic Walking like a good ‘un! I attend one of Lisa’s sessions on a Monday and go out about five times a week in my own village. Using the poles means that I can stride out confidently and I’ve got to know the village all over again, not to mention the many folks I meet and greet along the way. I often combine a circular walk with a trip to the local shop or the Post Office, taking a short route home when my rucksack is heavier! My poles have also enjoyed going on holiday and have accompanied me all over Devon and Cornwall, not to mention the Channel Islands and the Isles of Scilly!

 What is absolutely undeniable is that Nordic Walking has really helped me in many ways. I am able to manage my arthritis on a daily basis without any medication at all and I am fitter that I’ve been for years. I know my cardiovascular fitness has improved as I am now able to combine walking and gossiping with the best of them! Lisa’s sessions are great. Just as when she was at school, she is quick to spot individual strengths and weaknesses and is able to boost, challenge and develop each group member accordingly. The sessions are also very social occasions – inclusive in their nature with plenty of chat and laughter. The fun element is an ever present and important feature but at the same time the activity is both rigorous and challenging, a great balance which is why Lisa’s sessions are so popular. I can’t recommend them highly enough – Lisa’s my boss during these hour long sessions and so far she hasn’t taken advantage of that on too many occasions, give it time though……!


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